Healing & Guidance Deck Readings

Do you wonder what's next for you?

Do you hunger for learning from within?

Do you need guidance to help direct you?

                              ....in a relationship?

                              ....with your work or career?

                              ....in a personal, spiritual or $ matter?

Do you seek to understand the energy you are experiencing right now?

Then a card reading is for you!


I have been drawn to this work over and over and began working with healing and guidance decks, books, journals, and art exercises when I started facilitating educational support groups over 20 years ago.  Now I do this work when working with teens in schools and synagogues, parents, committees, meetings of all kinds, with individuals and groups.

Individual, mutiple or group sessions tailored to meet your needs.


Your reading includes:

        + initial15 minute telephone consult

        + your choice of deck reading

        + reflection for application

        + ideas for actualizing your reading


Readings are:

       * $ 40 for 45 minute reading

       * $ 60 for I 1/4 hour reading

       *  $ 75 for 1 1/2  hour reading


Healing & Sacred Soulworks

After your reading I am available for personalized consultations to meet your needs.  One time or on-going sessions. 


Email bfish6557@aol.com or call 216-407-5543 to book your reading.

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